New Age of Slavery Patrick Campbell

I’m tired.

When I am murdered by the police, will you shake your head and sigh?
Talk about how dangerous it is for police, and forget my murder is a crime?


Dealing with SAD

“I can’t tell you what a relief it is to just be sick, not sick and crazy. And to know what I have and that there are a lot of other people who have the same thing.” “I don’t like the name, I think it ought to have a better name…” Golden Girls Season 5, […]

Diary of a Faux Triathlon Trainee

So I made what was undoubtedly one of the less sensible decisions of my life, and decided to try to train to complete the Drexel University Indoor Triathlon.  Never mind the fact that I hate running.  Never mind the fact that I cannot swim. Never mind the fact that I keep misspelling “triathlon.” I’ve succumb […]

Stop Calling Things the New Sexy

Be strong for the sake of being strong.

Smart for the sake of being smart.

Confident for the sake of confidence.

Not because they make you sexy.